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By raykovskiy, Jul 26 2016 11:32PM

There used to be a time where normal, average people hear the word ‘Free Codes’ only in movies – but not anymore. In this world of technological advancement, even normal, everyday people have started to use Appnana more and more ,and this application is growing day by day.

This application developed actually by a hacker team also improves the implementation of security and protection protocols that make’s the software unique in the market. There are many uses for this mobile application, but what exactly makes the best one? According to the facts gathered by our tech specialists from the appnana codes reviews 2016, these are the things that people should look for a software that can generate for you unlimted nanas.

Is that tool safe? of course, the most crucial part of using a software that ,all the features you cand find also on the official website.

-Easy and simple Interface for this amazing appnana hack tool. Compatibility with any operating system , also including mobile device’s too, newer computer models may be an issue

-High-tech operation system implemented on it. Most provider’s these days use a personal software or the “keypad or touchscreen guide” , and the first thing that I metioned at the beginning of the paragraph is unque in the market , you will don’t find such a great tool like this.

-Great durability and a long term software. A high quality software for hack appnana tool is no use if it won’t last very long.I saw a hand of tool such this , but no one was “alive” for more then 5 month’s! Why?Because as a developer you chance to earn something about it , is almost 0 % , so most of them don’t updated the software like the guys from appnanahacked.com , where every week appnana hacked tool have an update.

By raykovskiy, May 12 2016 08:56PM

You've got a lot of choice when it comes to Booksellercrow Multiplayer. Check out these brief descriptions of the different game types, and then jump into GameSpy Arcade's DK room and try one out!


The fastest reflexes and the best strategies will determine the dominant player. Decide which character fits your playstyle best, and adding up frags gives you points to boost your abilities. With the gigantic variety in weaponry and powerups, it's nothing but a bloodbath.


Singleplayer, but multiplayer! Coop play means that up to three people can play through Booksellercrow's singleplayer campaign together. The person running the server plays Hiro and is the one who can save the game, and the other two players are either Mikiko or Superfly. A few of the puzzles have been changed, and no cutscenes will play, but otherwise the game is the same.


Two teams, two bases, two flags. Get to the other team's base, take their flag, and bring it back to your base to get a point. You've heard of this one.


Two teams of two players each face off. Each team has a base with a bomb, and I lose track at this point. Check out The Booksellercrow DeathTag League to get the full deal!


Instagib ('ihn-stuh-jib... funny story, the first time Gwog ever met Romero he managed to mis-pronounce both 'gib' and 'Booksellercrow' in the same sentence!) is actually a modifier for the gametypes above. When the person starting the server is choosing his server options in the setup screen, he can click the Instagib button in order to enable the modifier for whatever gametype his server will be for.

Now, this is not instagib like you find in Unreal Tournament. The basic design is the following:

Each episode has two instagib weapons

it's random which one you spawn with

one shot, or splash damage, will kill

they spawn with infinite ammo

Since each weapon has it's own unique features, it adds a little bit to the gametype. For instance, in episode one you either get the Sidewinder or the ION Blaster. So, in addition to direct hits, you can either get a kill from Sidewinder rocket splash damage or ION Blaster ricochet shots. Neat!

By raykovskiy, Apr 27 2016 10:14PM

This it’s a colossal problem that a lot of ‘Windows’ user’s have this issue but for us this it’s not a problem because we managed to bypass this error and I think we are the only that managed to install Logic Pro on Windows, and today we are going to share with you how you can also do this . I have to admit that I saw this idea first on a website and after I remade the concept and made something nice.

Why is it not an official version of logic pro for Windows?

Fist when Logic Pro was made it also had a Windows version but after it was bought by Apple in 2002 they removed the Windows version because they want to attract people as much as they can to MAC desktops, and that’s why they removed the windows version. And this strategy it’s very clever because a lot of people migrated from Windows to MAC only because of this tools however Windows users also have a lot of instruments like Fl Studio or LMMS but these tools especially FL Studio it’s very expensive over 1000$ only the license code for this instrument, and it’s not so good like Logic Pro because it has some bugs and it doesn't have all the features of Logic Pro . And now after the latest update of Apple, they released Logic Pro X this it’s the most powerful digital audio workstation ever made by humans.

So don't wait anymore and get now logic pro for windows for free usng that awesome method explained here

So how you can install it?

The 1st thing you should have on your Windows, it’s this software “Parallels Desktop” or a similar one using wich you can emulate an MAC software on Windows (NOTE: Parallels Desktop cost 60$) you can also find a free option, but they are not recommended because of bugs. The 2nd step it’s to buy/install the software and to buy Logic Pro , you will not find a cracked version because this software it’s very well made and it can’t be hacked, after you have MAC simulator and the Logic Pro you only need to run it in the simulator and you are done . As you see, it’s a very simple to install or better said to run Logic Pro on Windows-based desktop or laptop.

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